Female unhappiness from the 70s and fake oppression | Karen Straughan


In the book “paradox of the decline of human happiness” [Ed. PDF here for free] they started doing surveys on people’s sense of well-being and happiness and consistently women scored higher across the board right in the US and Canada until the 70s.

Women’s biggest problem in the 60s and 70s it was not oppression, it was boredom and a feeling of purposelessness. Prior to that, keeping house and looking after the family took 14 hours a day of heavy work, or – even worse – work in a factory and take care of children. Women had no options.

From the 70s women had the new experience of having a choice.

Women were able to do man things, like fixing toilets, but they never wanted to do that. Women wanted, respect, kudos, applause, flatter.
Man made women’s life easy givine them washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dish washers, so they made a hole in the purposeness of women.
Women became bored, purposeless and started blaming men for being oppressed. Women were limited, but not oppressed.

Most feminist bitch online about “oppression” mentioning
“Social pressure to shave your legs” or “Ladies pants pocket too small for the smartphone”.
That is not oppression.
The real oppression is when women charge their husband for fake domestic assault, and the husband go to jail. But even in that case, some feminists fail to consider it as a real oppression, they say it’s a “male privilege that backfired”.

Most rated comments:

Men have always been taught that respect is something you give to women but for men it has to be earned.

Men haven’t been fulfilled with their jobs, and they told women this fact. Women chose not to believe men, and when they entered the workforce and found they weren’t fulfilled nor happy, they blamed men.

Females claim to be the expert on feelings. Yet they want men to take responsibility for creating their own happiness.



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