Equality of outcomes is nonsense – Jordan Peterson


Extract from Jordan Peterson interviews (here and here):

If you hire 50% male engineers and 50% female engineers, then female engineers are less qualified, because the pool of engineers is lower among women. If there are 10 times more male engineers and you insist in hiring 50/50, then obviously the degree to which the female engineers are proficient cannot be the same as the degree to which the male engineers are proficient. it’s mathematically impossible.

There’s no evidence whatsoever that diversity – as measured by racial or gender representation – has any bearing whatsoever on creativity, productivity or outcome. None of that research is credible.

It’s about agreeableness, not gender: Even for the same type of job, more agreeable people get paid less because they’re not as assertive, and men tend to be less agreeable, and earn more a consequence.

Equality of outcome is nonsense

Equal opportunity is what is needed, but equality of outcome is mathematically nonsense.
99% of bricklayers are men, do you want to equalise it ?
Man work longer hours, they do more dangerous jobs, more likely to move, more likely to do STEM jobs that pay more.


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