Men’s right movement principles

There is no denying that there are many human rights issues that disproportionately or uniquely affect men.

  • Paternity fraud uniquely affects men;
  • Workplace deaths: disproportionately men (94%). Firefighters, truck drivers, roof construction, logging;
  • War deaths: overwhelmingly men;
  • Suicide: overwhelmingly men;
  • Sentencing disparity;
  • Life expectancy: man live 5 years less than women;
  • Men sentenced to 60% more prison time than women for the same crime;
  • child custody highly unfair and in favour of women (Fred Hayward  case). Men 90% of the time obliged to see their own child only a few hours a week and pay for woman and child for decades;
  • No shelter for male domestic violence, despite it’s almost half (43%) of domestic violence.
  • In case of violent fight, 99% blame on the male even if he only defended himself; Male being assaulted often considered being funny.
  • false rape allegations, false harassment allegations;
  • Criminal court bias;
  • Lack of parental choice once a child is conceived;
  • Lack of resources for male victims of domestic violence, almost every place doesn’t support men;
  • Constant pressure to success, protect others, put themselves on the line;
  • Breast cancer more funded than prostate cancer despite has the same mortality rate;
  • Father in prison have less rights than mothers in prison;
  • Being saved last in case of emergency. Women usually saved first;
  • Others: Boys falling behind in education, Homelessness,, Veterans issues, Infant male genital mutilation
  • Misandry. Feminist movement became in the last decades just a business, founded with $1B and unfairly punishing men. See Duluth model adopted in the US that condemn men upfront.
  • Male murder not receiving news attention. Islamic extremist group killed thousands of men but hte news reported as “people mass murdering”, second attach burning boys alive not even reported, third attack only kidnapping girls instead highly reported on the news highlighting “girls”, Michelle and Barack Obama, twitter, UN, UK and canadian funding to save them. Islamic did it on purpose to receive attention.

Feminist being hate movement, and a lobby that achieved special rights instead of fighting for equality as they claim

  • Arrogant offensive feminists violently protesting to talks about men’s right talks in some US universities, illegally triggering down fire alarm to shut down the event and not willing to have a conversation. Feminist movement based on hate; Some famous shouting feminist activist (“big red”) only offending without willingness to discuss.
  • Men demonised by feminist, not being listened, and accused of patriarchy;
  • Feminist movement unfairly achieved laws that discriminate men, and changed things to be more gender neutral, EXCEPT for things that benefit women;
  • Feminist have the lobbying power. They claim they want equality but they actually want special privileges. Feminist movement showed to be against male movements to stop male being raped (India). Male movement, viceversa, didn’t do that;
  • Male movement doesn’t need to exist if feminist movement didn’t became a lobby;

Source: The red pill documentary

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