How to learn anything in 20 hours

If you’ve ever tried to learn something new, you’ll know that the first few hours of practice are often the hardest. At this stage, you’ll be more likely to get confused and run into problems, which is what causes people to give up early on. But it’s essential to persist for at least 20 hours. That way, you’ll have already reached a substantial level of skill, which will make further practice less problematic.
Don’t try to learn multiple skills simultaneously . If you do attempt to study multiple things at once, you’ll progress very slowly, which will only demotivate you.
Decide your target performance level: it’s important because if you can imagine what you want your performance to look like, you’ll have an easier time getting there.
By dividing it up into sub-skills, progress will be easier and faster.
Identify the barriers that might interfere with acquiring your desired skill. Are there any emotional roadblocks, like fear or self-doubt that could hold you back?
In order to rid yourself of those mental barriers, familiarize yourself with them.
You need a way of getting fast feedback to be able to assess how you’re progressing and so you can adjust if you’ve gone wrong somewhere. If you can, hire a coach , as they can give you feedback almost instantly.
Engaging in any difficult or tedious activity for an extended period of time is both draining and inefficient – and that’s why you should only practice in short intervals.
Focus on practicing a lot and quickly, not on attaining perfection.If you prioritize quantity and speed, you’ll find that you’re less likely to become irritated and demotivated due to the inevitable setbacks you’ll encounter.
Also, Log your progresses and check sometimes how you are doing

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