How to break a bad habits

  • Learn from example failures. Whoever stops smoking understands that it is more difficult among other smokers.
  • Combine pain with bad habits. e.g. slap your hand or use a rubber band on your wrist, and replace with positive habits
  • We believe in things supported by evidence.
    If something unlucky happens, we might believe the wrong thing (e.g. they stole our wallet in an airport and then we hate travelling), so it’s important to interpret facts well.
  • Use less strong words for negative events (“it could have been worse, what can I learn from this ?” Rather then “why is this always happening to me ?”) and more positive for positive events
  • Every morning remember what you did successfully. And thank you that you are among the 0.001% of people on the earth that is alive now
  • Thinking of being happy only after a certain events is  limiting you experience
  • You must understand the origin of emotions. e.g. loneliness comes from not having called friends, and you can fix that by simply get more in touch with them
  • Eliminate people who judge you
  • Impose yourself tasks with schedules

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