Ego is needed to survive in this capitalist world

A little (healthy) ego is necessary to survive in the today’s  capitalist world.  Too much is selfishness, as it means getting things without having worked and deserved them. Ambition, on the other hand, is right, based on the foundations of real successes.

Ego could be a problem because “it’s impossible to learn things you already think you know”. You must always consider yourself a student, follow the ones better than you on the subject.

Do not be proud, otherwise you’ll rest on laurels. Similarly, Steve Jobs  has not settled on  the Macbooks and created the iPad and iPhone.

Ever feel like you can’t delegate  tasks to do because they just wouldn’t do as good a job as you? These are some serious signs that your ego needs reining in . Try placing trust in other people’s work – you and your team will benefit from it.
Our ego tells us that we’re the only ones who can do them right. By practicing delegation, you’ll force yourself to trust and respect the work of others. You’ll learn that other people’s time might actually be put to better use on the tasks that you used to do, and you’ll also see how useful your time can be when dedicated to new things.
Ego is a part of everyone’s personality that develops naturally, especially in conjunction with success. An unchecked ego can end up being detrimental to your success, and you should take careful steps to ensure that it doesn’t get out of control.

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