The duality of life

Jordan Peterson is a professor and clinical psychologist I’ve recently discovered online. Some of his lessons are uploaded on youtube and contain lots of insightful discoveries from his patients. It’s very interesting seeing him debating and basically always winning the conversations about very delicate subjects (gender equality for example) by bring out facts, numbers, logical thinking and destroying other people’s common opinions and theories.

I’ve looked over his famous book 12 Rules for Life, and I think it’s a book worth having a look at. There are lots of shorter summaries of the book if you prefer to read it quickly. I found some concepts in other books as well (e.g. measure yourself with your past yourself and not others), but the majority were very well worthy of further thoughts (Judge yourself before judging the world, sacrificing for a target will reward the effort, a period of suffering also has small moments of joy that we need to learn to enjoy). Some insight around parenting and society (e.g. too strict rules against our nature could lead to suffocate and result in fascist behaviors) and some obvious ones (conversation should be used to learn from others and not to show off,  and take your responsibilities and never blame anyone).

I’ll quickly better describe one of those points. When I have time I’ll write more about the others.

The duality of nature and life

Nature has order and chaos. One cannot exist without the other, like the night cannot exist without the day, and winter cannot exist without the summer (OK, you can live that the equator, but that’s not the point !). Chinese philosophy describes it with the Yin and Yang symbol, and the Bible with the Eden vs the Serpent. We need to be aware of that. We can only find harmony in the middle. Being in total order is against our nature, and for the same reason, a too-protective parent would only expose his son/daughter to “order” and not the chaos, making things very difficult for his/her future growth.

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