The power of believes

Believes => Decisions => life shape

Decisions are the most important things in life, and we make them based on our beliefs.

If our belief is thinking that working in finance and earning lots of money will make us happy,

then it’s not the job itself to do that, but our belief in thinking that.

Believes, therefore, shapes our life and make us take a specific decision.

Learning to identify our beliefs would then ultimately change our decisions, and drastically change our life.

To change a wrong/bad belief, find a way to link pain to the old one, and joy on the new one.

We all have rules:

“I’ll feel happy/productive if X/Y happens”

We define our own “rules”: e.g. “I feel good before going to bed if I’ve completed my todo list”.

We can change those and tweak our final feeling.

A bad rule is based on the appreciation from others (“I’ll feel satisfied if they say thanks after I’ve given away money for charity”),

as we can’t control that. Much better to change the rule to be “I’ll feel satisfied if I’ve given $100 a month for charity, regardless of the gratitude”.

It’s vital to know our values

Struggling with decisions is a consequence of not being clear about our values.

Sense of satisfaction, love, health, passion, freedom, friend, sense of accomplishment are all values.

If our decision (e.g. taking a full-time job or moving to a different country) doesn’t match those, then we’ll feel something is wrong.

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