Minimalism and a practical tip to declutter your space

Getting rid of things is something you should regularly do.

Why should I get rid of things?

Having less thing around simplify our lives, reduce our level of stress and give us more quality time for the important things (friends, family, reading and writing). Just think about taking a flight, how stressful is that if you have lots of things to chose from?

Our brain is scientifically proven not to be able to handle well more than 100 objects around us, so a reason more to declutter.

Anything you buy has a cost to purchase, time to chose it, clean it, fix it, move it around, and finally getting rid of it. You think you are going to own more object, but in reality, it could be that those objects will own you instead as they take all your time and attention.

Declutter your space: suggested method

boxGo through every single object you have around and ask yourself

  • Have I used it for the last 30 days ?
  • Will I need this again? If so, when and how often? (weekly, daily)

Put each one in a labeled box/bag depending on the previous answer. You can have a box labeled “trash bin” where you put things you are unsure about trashing it in order to review it later. Or a box labeled “storage” or “archive” where you put things that you want to keep for next season (e.g. the ski jacket), and that you’ll immediately get it out of your sight.

Where to dispose

Sell low-value object on eBay or Amazon seller (worked very well on a few occasion for me), give away for charity or give to your neighbors and friends.

Other related tips about being minimalist

  • Unfollow blogs if they don’t write anything interesting in the last 5 posts;
  • Sell your car if you don’t use it often. It might be cheaper and simpler to rent one or take a taxi when you need to;
  • “Only buy things that can fit in your luggage. I read that in the book (link below). A bit extreme, but it made me thinking and I ended up replacing my big speaker with an equivalent bose small one, that I can now carry with me, and in more than occasion it turned out to be a good idea.
  • Use a kindle instead of books (I know, it doesn’t smell like a book, but there are perfumes for that). I’ve sold lots of kg of books and bought the kindle version in the last year. Carrying hundreds of books in 200 grams was definitely a good idea.
  • Meditate. That seems to help to mentally declutter your mind. It’s written in almost every book I recently read and I believe it’s helpful (although I still fail at doing that regularly).

Literature on minimalism

I read something on the subject a few years ago. You can also find lots of books on Amazon, and videos on youtube on the subject. Interesting page as a starting page on Wikipedia on simple living.

Please do not trash everything in your house like Steve jobs, there are enough iPhone versions on the market to chose from, we don’t want you to come up with another one!



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