The most useful Youtube, Mac, Chrome shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts might sound too “geeky” for you, but I think learning them is one of the best investment of your time, as long as if you spend at least a few hours a day in front of the computer.

When we work, we are concentrated on your tasks and we don’t pay attention to small details. In our occasion (pair programming with a colleague), I observed how not knowing a simple shortcut ended up taking 5 minutes to find a file by name, instead of a couple of seconds needed by knowing the shortcut (for which there was no menu option). Repeat this for 20 times a day by and all the shortcuts you don’t know, and that means you’ve lost 1h a day doing annoying stuff.

Spend some time learning, and your wrist will be happier too.

Here some shortcuts I’ve recently learnt and I find useful. Some of them apply anywhere you write a text in MxcOsx, some others on chrome, some others on youtube (therefore should work on Windows too).


CMD +  ;
cycle through misspelt words (works anywhere, including browser tab)
CMD + 1
CMD + 2
chome: jump to 1st tab
chrome: jump to 2nd tab
delete entire last word
(works anywhere, including browser tab)
SHIFT + ALT + volume up/down
increase/decrease  the volume in smaller amounts
finder: slideshow full screen using the selected images
SHIFT + >, SHIFT + <
youtube: increase/decrease speed
youtube: toggle captions
youtube: fullscreen
youtube: previous/next in playlist

Full list of mac shortcuts here

If you want a keyboard skin cover with shortcuts, check this and this one

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